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Instead of taking medications and undergoing an operation to treat a disease, with UGenome Biotech technology, patients will receive genetic-based therapies targeting their particular needs at the cellular level.

To optimize genetic-based therapies, companies need UGenome’s personalized reference genome to target the best treatment for patients.

Next-generation sequencing is becoming a cost-effective method to associate genomic discrepancies with diseases. However, because these genomic discrepancies are usually patient-specific, it is difficult to make sense of the data that provides personalized medical treatment in a short period of time.


Improve cancer CAR-T cell therapy by improving the detection of actionable neoantigens.


Identify CRISPR single guide RNAs that will be the most effective with the least off-target effects.


Enhance detection of cancer patient relapse using circulating tumor DNA/RNA with predefined mutations.


Efficiently determine which single cells contain a predefined genomic alteration.

Innovating bioinformatic solutions to help advance personalized and precision-based therapies

Personalized CRISPR sgRNA Selection

UGenome Biotech can identify which sgRNA will be the most efficacious for an individual patient. This optimal sgRNA design is achieved by utilizing an individual's whole genome sequencing data to select the sgRNA that will be the most effective with the least potential off-target effects.

Customized Reference Genomes/Transcriptomes

UGenome Biotech can generate customized reference genomes/transcriptomes using pre-defined mutations or gene fusions. Customized genomic reference files will enhance the sensitivity of detecting genomic alterations in next-generation sequencing data and can improve results from downstream bioinformatic analyses.

Target Discovery

If you have a specific disease that you're trying to discover new therapeutics for, UGenome can help by utilizing our suite of bioinformatic tools and external datasets. Our unbiased approach to target discovery can lead to identifying novel targets, giving our clients an edge in the therapeutic space for their disease of interest.

Identifying Your Mechanism of Action

Whether you have internal data or not, UGenome can utilize bioinformatic pipelines to identify how your target of interest affects a specific disease on a molecular level. By increasing our client's understanding of their target's mechanism of action, we hope to narrow down potential therapeutic strategies and provide direction for the next steps in their experimental design process.

Pre-Clinical Patient Selection Strategies

Before taking your therapeutic into clinical trials and hoping for the best, UGenome can assist in developing a molecular strategy to determine which subset of patients would most likely respond to your therapy regimen. UGenome can develop a customized score to guide your patient selection strategy by combining internal, external, and literature data.

Biomarker Discovery

If you have molecular data with response information, UGenome has the tools to employ this data to discover molecular biomarkers that predict response to your therapy. By using machine learning approaches and validation strategies, we will provide biomarkers with the most predictive power and are the most robust across available external datasets.