Case study: Treatment Response prediction

UGenome Case Study Anti-TNFa for IBD

UGenome leverages a multicohort analysis framework to discover biomarkers that predict treatment response. Selecting the right treatments for the right patients at the right time. Overall improved therapeutic outcomes for patients diagnosed with autoimmune disease.Challenges Immunomodulator therapies are ineffective in roughly half of patients diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Choosing the right treatment oftentimes involves a […]

MECO & UGEnome Case study | bone metastasis risk in breast cancer treatment

UGenome Case Study MECO Breast Cancer (7)

UGenome provides bioinformatics services in medical assessment for breast cancer treatment Background Fibrotic-like matrix stiffness pro- motes distinct metastatic phenotypes in cancer cells, which are preserved after transition to softer microen- vironments, such as bone marrow. Using differential gene expression analysis a score of mechanical conditioning (MeCo) associated with bone metastasis in patients with breast […]