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Picture of Jayden Lee

Jayden Lee, EMBA, PHarmD, BCACP

Chief Genomics Officer

Jayden is a board-certified pharmacist, genomics researcher, and strategic leader in business and product development. Jayden has earned his PharmD degree from the University of Connecticut and completed a specialty residency in primary care pharmacy practice. He has over 10 years of professional experience in clinical pharmacy, academia, and research and recently earned an executive MBA in Strategic Leadership. He was born and raised in Korea, lived in multiple states in the U.S., and is currently living in Hawaii. He hopes to continue exploring the world.

Zachary S. Brooks, PhD Founder & CEO UGenome AI

Zachary S. Brooks, PhD

Founder & CEO

Zachary S. Brooks, PhD is a startup founder and #1 Best Selling Author. UGenome AI represents Zachary’s fifth technology startup. Additionanally, he brings to UGenome valuable fundraising ($4M raised to date) product development, and marketing experience working in financial services (E*Trade), digital authentication services (VeriSign), laser-based approach to detecting pathogens (Botanisol Analytics), and business development (TheraCea). UGenome licensed SaaS tools for genomic medicine.

Image of Peter Bannister

Peter Bannister, DPHil & EMBA

Chief Product Officer

Peter has a masters and doctorate from Oxford where he also held post-doctoral and teaching positions in engineering, artificial intelligence and medical imaging. He holds an executive MBA, is an Academy of Medical Sciences FLIER and Honorary Professor at the University of Birmingham. He has over 20 years' experience leading the commercialisation of products for healthcare and life sciences including diagnostics, medical devices and bioinformatics.

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